Creative Ageing Award given to "Grandma Grandpa Memory Box"老爹媽回憶匣 by the
3rd Annual International Arts and Health Conference!!!


全人藝動亦十分關注長者需要,在2003至04年間 ,我們為長者舉辦《戲膳藝傳》戲劇活動,取得相當成果,並讓我們與長者之間建立了十分密切的聯繫。2010年出版的《老爹媽思廚》將《戲膳藝傳》活動長者們過往的經歷重現在新一代的眼前。此食譜與坊間烹飪書刊不同之處在於每一道菜色的背後,都記載著主人翁動人的故事。




Art for All is an advocate for elderly welfare. The success of "L'Art et Le Chef" (2003-2004) have built a close relationship between us and the elderly community. "Grandma Grandpa Cook"(2010) was published to honour them by retelling their stories to this generation. "Grandma Grandpa Cook" stands unique from all other cookbook in that we present every single story from which the recipes emerged.

Grandma Grandpa Memory Box (2011-2012) was launched in 2011 to continue our service, this time at the T.W.G.Hs. Jockey Rehabilitation Complex with elderlies with different abilities and early dementia. Through Art Intervention in music, paintings and games, they are awaken by memories to reconnect with their surroundings. Exhibition Grandma Grandpa Memory Box was held in 2012 to present the artworks from this project.

A series of programme and training begins in 2013 Fall at the Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre, which includes a research component by the Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong.


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