Art Jam: 重建童心•塗上祝福

Art Jam: Rekindle Children's Hearts with Colour & Love


四川省大地震、緬甸強烈風災,遠在香港的你和我時刻關心新聞之餘,亦期望能盡一分力,助窘迫中同胞們脫離困境。由信和集團「香港藝術」、全人藝動藝術在醫院合辦的Art Jam: 重建童心塗上祝福,將於 5 月 24屯門市廣場舉辦,凝聚社區力量,不分年齡,以繪畫、音樂、舞蹈等藝術向災民送上香港的祝福和善款。

The Sichuan earthquake and the Myanmar cyclone has shocked and swept our hearts; you and I are both ready to lend our helping hands. Presented by Sino Land Company Limited, co-presented by Art for All and Art in Hospital, the Art Jam: Rekindle Children's Hearts with Colour & Love will be held on May 24, this Saturday, at the Tuen Mun Town Plaza. Together Artists and children will collect and send their blessings to the victims through artistic creation.



Gathering Local Artistic Energy

災難發生後,一班本地藝術家和團體連日來趕緊商討對策,計劃是次活動。Art Jam: 重建童心•塗上祝福》活動當日,一班視覺藝術家及表演藝術家將即場創作及以音樂和舞蹈等藝術,表達關愛。藝術家亦將帶領在場的小朋友一同繪畫,將祝福化作圖畫,更會以錄像記下參加者的祝福話語。參加者可隨緣樂助,透過世界宣明會施達基金,為災民籌款,將香港市民的心意帶到災區,為災民和搶救人員打氣。

After the disasters struck, a group of local artists along with organizations initiated this community art activity in response. In Art Jam: Rekindle Children's Hearts with Colour & Love, artists will guide the children to turn their wishes into pictures, and capture their words of blessing on video. In addition to the donations collected, these artworks will be sent to Sichuan through World Vision and to Myanmar through the CEDAR Fund.


Art Jam為起點 計劃長遠藝術治療

Art Jam only the prelude to long term artistic therapy


Project initiator and community artist, Evelyna Liang, hopes that when the condition stabilizes, she can reach the affected communities through therapeutic art activities. "Frontline rescue is not for artists, but we can help the people of Hong Kong to express their anxiety and concern, to gather and transform these emotions into goodwill and blessings”, said Evelyna.


The two disasters have left millions waiting for assistance while in fear of aftershocks and storms, under great shortage of basic survival necessities. The emotional impact of loosing homes and love ones will bring long term widespread repercussion. The psychological healing will certainly be an essential part of the community rebuilding process.

Art Jam: 重建童心•塗上祝福活動詳情

日期:五月二十四日 (六)