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L'Art et Le Chef

Art Promotion Project for the Golden Age
Co-organized by Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council and Art for All

Eating is necessary, and in fact, feeding on meat and vegetables is a vital means to sustain life. In the Chinese traditional agricultural society, food-related customs were always intended to be perpetually kept from generations to generations - in such a manner, the wisdoms left behind are also preserved.

While considering the effort as well as the knowledge in the process of food preparation, "eating" to Chinese people doesn't merely signify food-consumption but an "aesthetic experience", which seems to be a conception that is dying-off - or eventually overlooked and forgotten - as modern societal technology continues to advance, e.g. the invasion of fast-food mass-production culture.

“Le Chef et L’Art” is an art promotion project for the golden age, trying to protect and preserve such invaluable Chinese food culture by getting the elderly to share their past food-related experiences. This is done through designed programs of group activities in order to restore their lost memories, and ultimately to assemble all of their experiences into an exhibit form - a drama. 

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鄰舍輔導會 與 全人藝動 合辦

所謂「民以食為天」,「食」是生活必須的一環;但是在中國傳統農業社會,「食」所包含的意義又豈只是填飽肚子;「食」的文化與習俗一代傳一代,迄今日積月累出無數無價的「烹飪」智慧。 站在中國人的傳統思想和觀點來看,飲食也是一門藝術;可惜,隨著現今科技越來越發達,集體生產和快餐文化又越來越猖獗,這樣的觀念漸漸被忽略,被遺忘。 「戲膳藝傳」長者藝術推廣計劃,透過戲劇形式與上一代的前輩分享一些關於食的故事、生活經歷及相關食譜,並在日後結集出版,讓那些經驗、傳統和文化能再一次重現,把接近失傳的文化留存於世,讓那些寶貴的經驗保存下來。

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Project Schedule 活動簡表
04.2003 落實計劃執行細則
12.2003 進行計劃
08.2004 進行總結演出及展覽
12.2004 出版長者們所分享的故事、經歷及食譜