Grandma Grandpa Memory Boxes Project & Exhibition
Presented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organized by Art Promotion Office
Curatorial Collaborator: Art for All
Supported by i-dArt,Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Participating Artists
Hazel Chiu , Lina Har, Evelyna Liang, Mak Siu Fung, Wong Wing Fung, Yu Bellini Guy Tse

Using expressive art forms, Art for All has engaged various groups of elderlies over the past decade, with the clear goal of empowerment and reclaiming joy and wellbeing. As a partnership project with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, “Grandpa Grandma Memory Boxes” exhibition showcases multimedia art works and installations created through an “art-breaking” process between Art for All’s team of 6 community artists and a group of 20 elderlies, who are 85 year-old on average, visually-impaired and some facing early stages of dementia.

For the past 2 years, with the support of i-dArt, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Rehabilitation Centre, the elderlies joined artist-facilitated activities that geared their ageing senses back into creative and expressive operations.  As participants and creative collaborators, they overcame limitations of dementia and sight impairment to create big paintings, cos-play costumes, treasure boxes of memories, crafted items, and photographic works taken by the elderlies themselves.

Inspired by the elderlies, the 6 participating artists also created their own art pieces.  Hazel Chiu’s photographs captured the beauty of their faces which embed the traces of time and life experiences; Lina Har combined elderly artworks with postboxes and letters in heartfelt dialogues; Evelyna Liang’s painting installations which requires audience interaction is a reminder of the elderlies’ presence; Mak Siu Fung’s monochrome photography portrays the elderlies in a nostalgic film star style; Wong Wing Fung’s collection of elderlies’ sounds and sights documents this vast inheritance of wisdom and culture; Bellini Yu’s light installation looks back at herself through the lenses and memory of ageing elderlies.  Exhibits also include Memory Boxes made by participants of the “Embracing the Setting Sun” Project run by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, who face chronic, terminal or critical illness, made together with their family members, caregivers and volunteers.

The creative activities have shown that through the awakening of physical sense in various art forms, activities and games, the elderlies are no longer passive observers of their environment.  They have become individuals that exercise imagination, expression, creation and command, regaining their dignity and satisfying their cultural and spiritual needs.


August 2011 to June 2012

Exhibition I
6  – 18.9.2012 Hong Kong Visual Art Centre

Exhibition II
25.10 – 30.12.2012 i-dArt, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Education &Extension Activities

Artists Sharing Session: Connecting with Grandpa Grandma through Art
8.9.2012 Hong Kong Visual Art Centre

Art Workshop: My Family Memory Boxes
15.9.2012 Hong Kong Visual Art Centre

Exhibition Guided Tour 8,9,15,16-9.2012

Grandpa Grandma Memory Boxes Participants on TVB. Click to watch!

第一集:16/12/2012(日) 霍亞造+藝術家
第二集:23/12/2012(日) 藝術家
第三集:30/12/2012(日) 李好+貝妮+藝術家
第四集: 6/ 1/2013(日)  翁合+江嬌+藝術家