Creativity Engage!

Art Faciltation Workshop and Research Project

Year 1: 2011 October to 2012 June

Year 2: 2012 November to 2013 June

This is an exhibition of the artworks by youths with special education needs.  Like many others in Hong Kong, they have a hard time adjusting to the educating system.  This project was initiated to provide a creative experience where they can find out something new about themselves.

These young artists have gone through half a year of workshops, learning numerous skills such as acting, scriptwriting, fabric dyeing and printmaking.  In art, they venture into an exciting world with colour and movements.  Art making is an exploration of the self and the environment. Working alone and in groups, it is a platform to explore their potentials, thoughts, and visions about themselves as well as the world.  Along the way, they exercised their analytical and organization skills, and learnt to express their ideas, views and feelings.

The Art Facilitators created an environment of trust, appreciation and fun that welcomed wild ideas and genuine expressions.  With better understanding of themselves, their strengths and challenges, they will return to school life with renew confidence.  Creativity began something new in the youths, and the youths will engage their life with creativity!

Participants: Youth from Tuen Mun area highschool at F.1 to F.3

Workshop Artist/Art Facilitators
Leung Wai Kit, Grad           Drama
Wong Kin Hang                   Painting
Yim Yuen Fan, Esther         Craft

Project Partners
Research:           Visual Studies Department, Lingnan University
Community:         Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Tuen Mun Integrated Services Center
Art Facilitation:  Art for All