Our Project

Arts Aid – Stitch In

Fundraising for Tsunami Relief Work in South Asia
Co-organized by Art for All, Artbility and Art in Hospital

In order to help those who were suffered from the destructive disaster and to support the community rebuilding work in South Asia, Art for All, Art in Hospital & Artbility art studio are joining hands to organize “Arts Aid - Stitch In” fundraising event to raise money for Cedar Fund and other South Asian relief organizations.

We hope to show our cares through the process of stitching which represents healing the broken hearts. Through this arts fundraising event, children in Hong Kong not only have the chance to show their care to the victims through drawing and quilt, but they also receive a positive message that we all have the social responsibilities to the earth and the community, where arts should not keep their distances to the society, and be limited inside school or art studio only. We believe arts are powerful tools to spread our love to the world.

“Arts Aid - Stitch in” has been receiving many positive feedbacks since it was introduced. Communities such as primary schools, parents and women organization show their support in our activities as participants and volunteers. Besides, several Hong Kong artists also donate their artworks for the good deed.


兒童拼布籌款活動 助南亞災民重建家園
全人藝動、Artbility 及 藝術在醫院 合辦



Project Schedule 活動簡表
Drawing & quilt workshop
Palace IFC, IFC Mall
國際金融中心商場Palace IFC
Drawing & quilt workshop
15.01.2005 Habitus, Western Market
西港城 Habitus
Exhibition of artwork
13-18.01.2005 Grotto Fine Art Ltd.
Auction of artwork
18.01.2005 Grotto Fine Art Ltd.
Visit to Sri Lanka