北川永昌中學藝術倡導計劃 Beichuan Yongchong High School Art Facilitation Programme (2011)

視覺藝術: 魏貝妮, 梁以瑚,曾思卉, 黃詠楓,袁永賢
社區音樂: 陳偉光, 周穎然, 何柏存, 韓家宏, 梁路加, 馬老師, 逍遙
社區舞蹈: 魏貝妮, 曾思卉
攝影及錄像: 麥兆豐, 謝明莊
行政: 王基信, 逍遙

“中國科學院心理所“北川永昌中學(災後)社區重建項目”由香港社區夥伴基金會資助國內運作,香港“全人藝動” 協作以藝術進行全人關懷

Participating Artists
Visual Arts: Bellini Yu, Evelyna Liang, Jessica Tseng, Wong Wing Fung, Thomas Yuen
Community Music: Ocean Chan, Nicole Chow, Hon Ka Wang, Ho Pak Chuen, Leung Lo Ka, Teacher Ma, Xiao Yao
Community Dancing: Bellini Yu, Jessica Tseng
Photography and Documentation: Mak Siu Fung, Tse Ming Chong
Coordination: Samson Wong, Xiao Yao

Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science (Post-Traumatic) Community Rebuilding Project” is funded by the Partnership for Community Development Fund (HK). Art Facilitation for holistic community building by Art for All.


As soon as we arrived, we were waken by the simple laughter and the aspirations in the children’s eyes. With a sense of curious and naive mischievousness, they enthusiastically searched for their familiar artists. Apart from the Music Composition Team, Photography Team, Choir and Painting Team which were established since March, this time we also formed a Drumming Team. The Painting Team had expanded to technique training, mural and painting of a designed Chinese couplet, allowing students from different grades to participate. Although the Drumming Team faced a temporary difficulty when the drums’ arrival was delayed, the talented students picked up the skills quickly after 1 day, and the thunderous and well-coordinated drumbeat was heard in every corner of the campus!


If it was a tough schedule for the artists, it was more so for the students. The quality of the food, accommodation and sanitation was undesirable in the campus, and under such conditions the students still had to face nine hours of heavy schoolwork a day. However, they were always enthusiastic and excited in joining art activities. Only when they were outside their formal schoolwork could they reveal their true innocence. Community Art Facilitation provided them a platform for discovering and expressing themselves. In addition to creating beautiful drawings and music, it also relaxed their body and mind, improving their surroundings, and ease the competitive atmosphere.


It was May 11th, the final rehearsal and the show was at hand! The stage was temporarily built on the school’s sports ground, with the mural and many huge paintings by the students in the backdrop. The background of the stage was the Chinese couplet painting, that reminds the students the eternal seeking of virtue, collectively made by all students from Secondary 3. The children were excited by a serious and lively atmosphere of the simple and efficient production. They knew that this performance was different: the programmes were what they had created, and the audience was their fellow classmates and teachers. This show was the collective work by the teachers, students and artists!


Before the evening show, the Principal of the Yongchong Highschool, Ma Ching Ping, the Chairperson of Art for All, Grandmother Rainbow (Evelyna), and the Project Manager from the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science, Li Gwan Dang, gave their introductory speech. Their high praise for the activities further encouraged the students to do their best.


The stage lights were lit as the sky turned to a dark blue. The spirited drumbeat from the Drumming Team led by Ocean rang throughout the neighbourhood, drawing the curtain up for the evening. It was followed by the performance of “Defend the Yellow River” and “Nation” by the Yongchong Highschool Choir, inspiring respect and pride among the audience. Then, Bellini and Jessica stepped on stage and led all teachers and students to dance. As the night fell, the warm atmosphere in the sports ground attracted neighbours and parents to watch through the campus fence; some of them even climbed the fence to get a better view!

The evening reached its climax when the Music Composition Team performed their three compositions of “Flowers bloom with the Lamb Horn Flower”, “Sunflower”, and “Childhood Memories”. These were led by Ah Chuen (Exist), Lu Jia (Lo Ka), and Little Nic and were accompanied by the works of the Photography Team students displayed on the big screen. Next, a song sung by school alumni, led by Teng Yang Qiu, evoked resonance and acclamations from the audience.


As night fell, Grandmother Rainbow and artists from the Painting Team stepped onto the stage and joined the performers. They passed long blue cloths with colourful paper boats down to the audience in a beautiful participatory ritual, symbolizing the setting of sail into a hopeful future. With the melody of “Sunflower” played by Ah Chuen on the harmonica, the students from the Yongchong Highschool, the artists and the volunteers mutually dedicated their warm wishes, joining together on and around the stage for a final dance. Until all music and laughter faded, the night show was calmed by the serene and elegant playing on the shakuhachi by Ocean; leaving all audience and performers in peaceful reminiscence that lingered into the night.


This activity was highly praised by teachers and students of the Beichuan Yongchong Highschool and the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science. At the moment, Art for All is invited by the School to continue trainings in public theatre and street dance in the coming year. We also plan to help the School develop a foundation for the community art and education in the coming two years, base on the strength of local talents and culture.


Thank you again to our supporters that helped us to make this project a success!

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