2012 Summer 河南 Henan

Aug 10, 2012 – 河南農村社群藝術活動 Henan Rural Community Art Programme April 27, 2012 – Evelyna and Thomas was a on short trip at the end of March to Henan. Since this was our 2nd visit, the organizers felt that we could handle a bigger project: the 200m wall mural (0.2km)! But it worked out when … Continue reading 2012 Summer 河南 Henan

姐妹齊齊拼工作坊 Women Fabric Art Workshop (2008)

Our team of artists returned to Henan Zhoushancun to conduct a fabric art workshop for local women. Some of the women were already skilled in embroidery. The goal of the workshop was to use their skill as a springboard towards more creative and expressive works that would be personally and socially enriching. 40分鐘的車程,到達《周山村婦女手工藝協會》,協會是在一間棄置的小學創立,會長及一群婦女熱情的迎接。環視牆壁上的標語:構建和諧社會、繁榮農村文化、 激情周山人、魅力周山村,超越發展、以繡為媒。 《姐妹齊齊拼工作坊》,顧名思義,就是以拼布的形式,展示姐妹們參加手工藝協會後的個人成長,促進組妹間的情誼,增加協會凝聚力。所以,希望能夠在美的拼布圖案中看到“人”,以及我們倡導的“理念”。 … Continue reading 姐妹齊齊拼工作坊 Women Fabric Art Workshop (2008)

「我和我的身體」My Body and I (2007)

河南農家婦女藝術工作坊 Art Workshop with Henan Peasant Ladies This is a workshop focus on health and art. Through art forms such as theatre, music, crafts and games, the ladies were guided to express themselves, to discuss maters of female personal hygiene, dignity and rights. The project empowered confidence in the ladies’ own creative power and self-respect. … Continue reading 「我和我的身體」My Body and I (2007)

河南兒童壁畫 Henan Children Mural (2007)

Art for All joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Xinyang Vocation and Technical College nursing departments to work with primary school students in Henan. Our artists first trained the nursing students in Hong Kong and in Henan. Then, with the help of the students, we led a community art project for the entire Xinyang … Continue reading 河南兒童壁畫 Henan Children Mural (2007)

河南計劃(早期) Earlier projects in Henan

農村婦女社群藝術活動自二零零八年起,「全人藝動」聯同當地婦女團體為河南農村婦女舉辦藝術活動。透過織品、布料等村婦們熟悉的物品,讓她們找到抒發情感和探索自我的途徑。另外,我們亦運用不同形式的戲劇鼓勵村婦們投入參與討論,議題包括家庭生活、兩性角色、婦女健康和家暴問題等。 除了提供藝術活動外,「全人藝動」亦培訓當地的社會工作者成為社群藝術活動的策劃人。在當地社工帶領下,培育出村婦們互相信任的精神和鼓勵了她們的自發性, 這些精神對戲劇計劃中的舞台劇及教育短片作出十分重要的貢獻。「全人藝動」現正為該團體主辦的教育劇擔任故事和劇本創作顧問。 2011-2012 藝術家團隊剛於2011-2012年為以往合作的三個村莊的兒童、長者及家庭舉行親子音樂劇、長者合唱團及200多米長的巨型壁畫活動,增強了藝術創作和表達活動的廣泛性,以歡樂提升村民的關係。 Community Art Programme for Rural Women Since 2008, Art for All has partnered with local women groups in Henan to empower its rural women. Using fabric, a form that is familiar to the women, Art for All has provided a channel for self exploration and expression in fabric art programmes. … Continue reading 河南計劃(早期) Earlier projects in Henan