C.A.R.E. 重遇本地越南社群藝術 Local Vietnamese Community Art Re-encountered (2008)


During the influx to Hong Kong of Vietnamese boat people in the 90s, Garden Streams launched the “Vietnamese Art in the Camp” project, entering the Whitehead Detention Centre, the largest detention center in Hong Kong. Workshops focusing on painting, embroidery, music, drama, dance, and writing, were held by local artists and art educators…In April of 2008, Art for All participated in this exhibition that was co-hosted by Garden Streams Hong Kong Fellowship of Christian Artists and the Visual Studies Programme of the Department of Philosophy at Lingnan University .

展覽內容 The Exhibition

是次展覽展出了其中約 200 幅畫作、圖片及文本記錄,而新作則包括多位前青年船民和《越營藝穗計劃》藝術家的畫作、錄像和裝置藝術,重現及反思著昔日營中的生活。展覽活動更包括一系列講座和電影放映會,一方面作為時代及背景引介,同時探討藝術為社會解困、治療個人心理創傷的功能和社群藝術的種種。講員包括世界知名的社群藝術及文化提倡者倪佩義

在開幕當晚,本地藝術教育工作者陳偉光邀請所有在場人士一同將祝願寫上竹片,以別開生面的竹片敲擊儀式和即興音樂為展覽揭開序幕,在明快的節奏此起落之間、輕鬆愉快的氣氛下一起完成其其裝置藝術 V-Camp;陳偉光更聯同一眾本地劇場教育工作者以一人一故事劇場形式,與來賓分享 V-Camp 背後的故事。

V-Camp 是陳偉光聯同多位前青年船民攜手創的裝置藝術。Camp 既象徵船民營亦代表露營,唸起來像「我們露營去」,正好表達一班年青人積極、愉快的集體記憶,如何支持他們渡過艱難。陳偉光表示,希望作品所分享的訊息會發生共鳴,打破營內營外的分野,讓來看畫的人更完整和正面地了解一段船民在港的歷史。


值得一提的是,《C.A.R.E》展覽後,這一批展品將被送往荷蘭,由阿姆斯特丹的 國際社會歷史研究院保存。

A selection of about 200 artworks, photos and textual documents was presented in C.A.R.E”. A number of ex-boat youths and Art in the Camp artists will present new works of painting, video and installation, recreating and reflecting on the complexity of the experiences. A series of forums and film screenings will be held to explore the role of art in healing and community work. Among the speakers is the highly regarded community art expert and cultural advocator PENNY EAMES.

Ocean Chan, art educator in the detention camp, invited all participants to complete the new installation V-Camp by writing words of blessings on bamboo pieces, using them as percussive instruments in a music jam. Stories behind V-Camp and the exhibition were shared and re-enacted in the form of Playback Theatre. V-Camp is an installation initiated by Ocean with ex-boat youths that were his students inside the camp. “Camp” simultaneously stands for camping and detention camp.

V-Camp also sounds like “we camp”, emanating positive and happy memories that empowered them to undergo hardship together. Ocean hopes that the message of beauty and freedom can resonate with the audience’s experience, breaking down cultural barriers and preconception, and provide a fresh angle to re-encounter this page of our history.

Artist and Organizer Evelyna Liang expects the exhibition to open up an in-depth exploration of the connections between art, trauma, and healing, whilst painting a larger picture of the history of Hong Kong. Assistant professor of the Visual Studies Programme, Dr. Sophia Law, looks forward to exhibition’s exploration of the expressivity of art and of its therapeutic dimensions.  

The artworks presented will be archived by the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam soon after the exhibition.

Exhibition Events

Film Screening: To Liv(e) (1992)
導演、編劇Director and Writer:陳耀成 Evans Chan
To Liv(e) mirrors Hong Kongers’s identity and sense of home against the backdrop of the Vietnamese boat people crisis. Where is home? Why stay? Why go? What is the perfect home? “Volunteered” by the colonial government as the host to the boat people, how do Hong Kongers see themselves and play out their part as “host”?
日期Date: 30/3, 星期日 Sunday
地點Location: 突破中心, Breakthrough Centre
協辦單位LAMP Supported by the LAMP community

Art as Social Solution
講員Speaker:倪佩義Penny Eames, JP, MA (Applied)
多年從事藝術創作、政策提倡及寫作,特別以其服務獄中人士、病患者、青少年及難民等。現任PSE Consultancy總監,於澳洲及世界各地推展獄中藝術及文化資產等活動。
Penny Eames is a long-time practitioner, policy advocator and writer in the arts, particularly for people on the margins of society, especially in criminal justice, health, youth and refugees sectors.
語言Language:英語 English
日期Date:7/4, 星期一 Monday
地點Location:林炳炎樓三樓GE321, B.Y. Lam Building, Lingnan University

開幕Opening X 新作完工 New Work Completion
An artwork filled with colour and energy. Let’s go camping!

日期Date:8/4, 星期二 Tuesday
6pm to 7pm 開幕 – 故事及儀式 Opening – Stories & Ritual
7pm to 8pm 新作完工 – 音樂、色彩及劇場 New Work – Music, Colour & Drama
地點:嶺南大學梁方靄雲藝術廊 Lingnan University Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery
作品Artist:陳偉光Ocean Chan + 前營中青年 ex-youth campers

電影播放Film Screening:Journey from the Fall (2007)
Filmed by an ex-boat youth, inspired by personal events.
導演、編劇Director and Writer:Ham Tran
語言Language:越南語Vietnamese(英文字幕English Subtitles)
日期Date: 10/4, 星期四 Thursday
地點Location:林炳炎樓地下GEG01, B.Y. Lam Building, Lingnan University

Concern for Neighbours: Refugees & Asylum Seekers
講員: 何慧縈 (國際特赦組織香港分會財務秘書及難民組統籌)
Ho Wai Yang (Treasurer and Refugee Group Coordinator, Amnesty International HK)
戴淇英 (基督教勵行會培訓服務科就業輔導部助理經理)
Tai Kie Ying (Assistant Manager of Placement Department, Training Services Division Christian Action)
日期Date: 14/4, 星期一 Monday
10/F, 11 Mongkok Road
鳴謝:香港基督徒學會Hong Kong Christian Institute

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